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Synchronized Skating - News & Announcements

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2016 Synchro Nationals Results

Another great National Championships for synchronized skating took place February 19-21, 2016 in the Waterloo Memorial Recreation Complex. Congratulations to all teams!

Senior NEXXICE - 2nd
Junior NEXXICE - 1st
Open NEXXICE - 3rd
Open Synchronicity - 6th
Intermediate NEXXICE - 2nd
Intermediate Ilderton Silver Jets - 5th
Novice NEXXICE - 2nd
Novice Ilderton Precisionnaires - 6th
Novice Synchronicity - 9th


Congratulations to NEXXICE Senior who represented Canada and Western Ontario Section at the ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships® 2015, in Hamilton, ON. What a fabulous show!

Enjoy their press clippings!

Skating for NEXXICE: Shannon Aikman-Jones, Maria Albanese, Ellicia Beaudoin, Emma Bonafiglia, Kelly Britten, Courtney Broadhurst, Lee Chandler, Alessia Chiovitti, Carla Coveart, Samantha Defino, Courtney Gray, Yu Hanamoto, Renata Khuzina, Victoria Kwan, Kristen Loritz, Nichole Manahan, Kerrin Caitlin McKinnon, Victoria Smith, Kiersten Tietz and Gillian Tyler.

Photo: Skate Canada / Stephan Potopnyk

NEXXICE Junior represented Canada and WO at the ISU World Junior Synchronized Championships, Zagreb, Croatia, March 13-14, 2015, as Team Canada 2, placing 5th.

Photo: Skate Canada / Jim Coveart

From Skate Canada - Attention : Regarding Regional Synchro Decision

Congratulations NEXXICE - Team Canada 1, Silver Medalists at Worlds!

NEXXICE from the Burlington Skating Centre claimed the Silver medal at the 2014 ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships in Courmayeur, Italy, April 5, 2014.

Team: Shannon Aikman-Jones, Maria Albanese, Ellicia Beaudoin, Kelly Britten, Courtney Broadhurst, Anna Cappuccitti, Carla Coveart, Samantha Defino, Yu Hanamoto, Victoria Kwan, Katia Leininger, Kristen Loritz, Bethany Rees, Renee Richardson, Victoria Smith, Kiersten Tietz, Jillian Tyler, Emily Van Den Akker and Julia Uhlitzsch.
Coaches: Shelley Simonton Barnett & Anne Schelter

NEXXICE - Team Canada 1

WO Centre Of Excellence Synchro Development Pilot Project

London Synchronicity Promotes London Worlds 2013 at Synchro Nationals


Synchronized Skating Team Composition Requirements for Competing

1p, PDF - As per 2012-2013 Qualifying Competition Handbook © Skate Canada

Synchro Coaches Please Note!

As of July 1, 2013, all coaches attending the Canadian Synchronized Skating Championships must be NCCP Level 3 certified.

Are You Interested in Becoming a Synchro Judge?

We're looking for present and former skaters who would be interested in becoming a synchronized skating judge.

Criteria - The skater needs to have a skating background that includes:

  • Any two of Junior Bronze free skate, dance or skills; or
  • Any one of Senior Bronze free skate, dance, or skills; or
  • Juvenile competitive test; or
  • Any one higher test level

Interested? Contact Andrew Bosco, WO Synchro Judges Rep., andrew.bosco[at]

Testimonial of a Synchro Skater

"First you are a part of it, then it becomes a part of you"

For some, Synchronized skating is synonymous with commitment, unison, speed, teamwork, dedication and emotion. Having skated on a synchronized skating team for more than 13 years, I know it is so much more that that!

A lot of my friends do question why I continue to subject myself to the early morning practices, rigorous workouts and the stress of competitions. I synchro skate because the support felt as 19 other skaters struggle with you overpowers the pain inflicted by the workouts. And I compete as a synchro skater because the adrenaline rush while competing and the feeling of joy when you are finished makes you forget the feeling of stress that was overpowering right up until the moment when the music begins.
We may arrive at our practices from all walks of life, but when we step on the ice we are one, we move as one, we succeed as one, we are a team.

Central to synchronized skating is friends and family; throughout these years I have been blessed with many long-lasting friendships that offer support and happiness. For me, my coaches, managers, teammates as well as their parents have become a second family whom I can rely on at any time. Synchronized skating has allowed me to continue to skate with my close friends well beyond when I stopped skating individually. In this aspect synchronized skating is a sport for all ages.

The sport of synchronized skating itself demands that the skater is comfortable and confident with his or her own body image and this has to be portrayed on the ice. I am grateful for all the experiences and opportunities synchronized skating has to offer. My club's synchronized skating program provides a positive and fun environment for physical activity and exercise.

Furthermore, I am indebted for the life lessons I have learned from my participation in the sport of synchronized skating. Balancing school, work and synchronized skating has required me to develop time management skills, which are invaluable life skills. I have also been taught perseverance, commitment, discipline and responsibility as well as the meaning of sportsmanship. These lessons will undoubtedly benefit me in every aspect of my life. Not only has synchronized skating provided me with an immeasurable amount of happiness and memories, but also I am confident it has also contributed to making me the person I have become. Finally, I feel this quotation captures the spirit of synchronized skating,

"There are many things in life that will catch your eye, but only a few will catch your heart… pursue those" (anonymous)

...from a Synchro skater



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