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Updated Feb 27, 2017

Transitioning to Skate Ontario - to familiarize our Officials with the upcoming Skate Ontario changes, the Officials' Transitions Committee has posted updates on upcoming and ongoing activities.

Referee's Webinar - For all Skate Canada Referees - developed by the Officials Assignment and Promotion Committee, and the Officials Development Committee for Sectional/Invitational Referee. Skate Canada encourages referees of all levels to watch the video! It's a great preparation tool before going to events.

Registration 2016-2017 - A reminder to ensure you have been registered for the 2016-2017 membership year by your home club. This should happen by September 1, 2016. You are NOT allowed to officiate if your membership has not been renewed.

Note from Skate Canada regarding STAR & STARSkate competitive events technical packages - "Last season there were three STAR packages in total: STAR 1-5, STARSkate and Supplementary STARSkate. This season we have combined all three packages into one STAR Technical Program Requirements package." Note: revised Aug 26, 2016

WO Condolences - The committee is saddened by the loss of these skating officials in January 2016. Our thoughts go out to their families.

  • Luella Kerr
  • John McNeil
  • Richard Thomas

Announcing the Mary Burdon Post Secondary Scholarship - This new bursary is available to skaters who are enrolled in and attending a post-secondary educational institution full time and actively involved with skating, either as a skater, or as an official.

Social Media Policy of Skate Canada - We are each responsible for the athletes having a safe and secure competitive environment. Please be mindful what you are posting on social media regarding the event.

While on duty as an Official you are not permitted to electronic devices while on the official’s stand. Please refrain from using your device as it can lead to distraction and misunderstanding as to why someone may be using their electronic device. Check your device off the stand during a break.

News from Skate Canada's National Performance Center (NPC) - Toronto - Please check out these fabulous events and development opportunities for Skaters, Coaches and Officials, being offered at NPC - Toronto 2015-2016.

Thanks to William Lindsay for creating our WO officials email newsletters, (available here). The newsletters also help provide content for the website. Please let us know if your email address changes!

As each new season approaches - Please take time to familiarize yourself with the latest documents and communications before your first competition. Links to steer you in the right direction...

WO is looking for new judges, evaluators and technical officials - There's information to help you get started here, or contact a member of your Officials Committee for information. Use the index above.

Are you working on a promotion? Refer to the Skate Canada ODAQ (Officials Definition, Appointment and Qualifications Policy) for information on requirements for each promotion.

Skate Canada STAR 1-5 program - Congratulations to our officials who trained in this new system and officiated at our events throughout the past season. We welcome new trainees.

Tech Reps for 2016-2017 - A big thank you to these officials who have kindly taken on the huge job of Tech Rep for this season's competitions.

  1. Summer Sizzle - Laurie Goulet
  2. Isabelle Henderson - Charlene Jordan
  3. SC WO Sectionals - Laurie Goulet
  4. John McKay - Maureen Cecile
  5. Bill Phillips - Fred Saretz
  6. Charles Dover - Raquel Bennett-Ahearn and Helen Atkinson
  7. Abela/McPhedran - Nancy Ravenhorst
  8. Dennis Silverthorne - Roblyn Partridge
  9. OUA Finals - Virginia Gillham
  10. WO STARSkate - William Lindsay
  11. Futures East - TBD
  12. Futures Central - Josh Diacur
  13. Futures West - Sharon LaPier and Maureen Cecile
  14. Skate Ontario Championships – Cherie Alexander
  15. Bernie Deveau - TBD
  16. High School Invitational – Andrea Derby

WO evaluator & judge promotions - The following officials recently completed the necessary requirements for promotion. Congratulations for your hard work and dedication!

  • STAR 1-4 Judge: Emily Klymciw, Keiko Marshall, Shellie Gris, Madelyn Alexander, Brenda Rumble, Leanne Wood
  • Juvenile Singles Judge: Bethany Thurber, Maggie Aziz
  • Senior Pair Judge: Danielle MacFarlane
  • Gold Evaluator: Cyndy Thrasher
  • Base Level Technical Official: Amanda Maggetti, Helen Atkinson
  • Technical Specialist Singles: Michelle Wiskar

WO name/ID tags - If you require a new or replacement name tag, please contact Laurie Goulet.

Keeping yourself updated - technical documents - As per Skate Canada's Official's Code of Ethics, all officials must ensure that they are up to date with new rule changes before arriving at competitions (both from Skate Canada and the ISU), and be familiar with program requirements, etc. whether evaluating or judging. Officials are reminded to download and print all documents that they need as they are not supplied at competitions. Copies of the officiating schedule will be available. Check the WO Technical Site for lists and links.

Use of tablets or devices - Considering how much paper gets recycled after each season, a number of officials have been adding many of their documents to their tablets or devices. However devices may not be brought to the judges' stand.

Singles, Pairs, Ice Dance program requirements - The current season's documents are available on the WO Technical pages as available. They're also on Skate Canada's INFO Centre > Technical. Information on Junior and Senior categories is announced by the ISU.

Contemporary music for pattern dances [7p, PDF]

WO Officials Newsletters & Archive - Your Officials' Committee will make every effort to stay in touch with you throughout the skating season via email newsletters.

Promotion candidates - If you are a candidate for a Junior or Senior promotion, Sectional Referee promotion, or Clinic Leader promotion please note that your application must be submitted the beginning of September.

  • Junior/Senior applications: Sabrina Wong
  • Sectional Referee and Clinic Leader Applications: Susan Blatz

Music problems during a competition - Review Application of Interruption Deductions [7p, PDF - from Skate Canada - Competitive, STARSkate & Adult, upd Nov 1, 2016], also see the WO Technical pages.

Clarification of the Interclub Referee qualification - An Interclub Referee can referee events up to STARSkate Gold and competitive Novice events. Please ensure that your assignments at competitions reflect your Referee qualifications if you are assigned as a Referee.

Trial judging/trial evaluating stipend - This is a reminder that you may submit your mileage to a maximum of $150 annually for trial judging/trial evaluating. The due date for submissions is April 1st. Refer to the Western Ontario Section Trial Judge Expense & Reimbursement Policy.

25 & 50 year volunteer pins - One of the events at the WOS AGM is volunteer recognition, including presentation of 25 and 50 year Skate Canada Volunteer pins. In order to track our officials and submit the correct information to the Section Office, if you haven't already done so, please let Laurie Goulet know when you began your involvement as a volunteer in our sport. Note that this should include other involvement - as an amateur coach/program assistant, Board Member, etc.

Have you moved? Have you changed your email address, or your name? Do remember to update the Section AND Skate Canada so we can continue to stay in touch with you, and our test chairs can contact you! Please contact:

  1. Virginia Gillham, WO Officials Committee, virginiagillham[at]
  2. Skate Canada - skatecanada[at]

The Internet as learning tool - Looking to review a compulsory dance? Search the dance on YouTube. You might have to vet some of the links presented, but ultimately you should be able to find a selection of videos to watch, maybe at various levels too... Here's an example of the Cha Cha Congelado. Happy searching and learning!

Skate Canada test equivalencies - In April 2011, the Skate Canada Board passed a motion approving STARSkate test regulation changes which included new test standards and subsequently new equivalencies between competitive tests and STARSkate tests. The Board approved this motion effective July 1, 2011 which effectively excluded skaters from these new equivalencies who passed their tests prior to July 1, 2011.

The following equivalencies apply for all skaters:

  • Juvenile Competitive Singles = Junior Silver Free Skating Test
  • Pre-Novice Competitive Singles = Senior Silver Free Skating Test
  • Nov/Jr/Sr Competitive Singles = Gold Free Skating Test
  • Juvenile, Pre-Novice Competitive Pair = Jr. Bronze Free Skating Test
  • Nov/Jr/Sr Competitive Pair = Gold Free Skating Test
  • Pre-Novice Competitive Dance - Not required due to current structure
  • Nov/Jr/Sr Competitive Dance = Gold Dance Test

Event referees & tech reps - referee's reports - Event Referees should inform the Tech. Rep. if he/she needs Referee Reports in order to write trial judging or judging reports. The Tech. Rep. will inform/provide a list of events that require this documentation to the Chief DS of the competition. If it is a last minute request, the Referee may also inform the DS on the panel that he/she needs a Referee's report. The DS may print it on the judges' stand at the end of the event.

Planned Program Sheets required for freeskate tests - Coaches or skaters are requested to submit a completed PPS to the Test Chair prior to the test day for all Skate Canada freeskate tests. The Test Chair will provide these to the Evaluator.

Evaluators, please don't always officiate at the same club - Please remind Test Chairs to rotate evaluators at test sessions. Newly qualified evaluators as well as current evaluators need to develop/remain consistent with the standards. This comes with experience, and this is a challenge when the same evaluator goes to the same clubs every test day. Thanks for helping pass along this message!

Which event categories will be held at WO competitions?

Completing test sheets - Please ensure that your test sheets are completed fully, with all check boxes complete, and comments to justify the evaluation. This is especially important whenever you must give an "NI" and/or "Retry" evaluation. Remember that the feedback should be specific rather than general, and constructive rather than destructive.

If you're asked to officiate out of Section - A friendly reminder that officials, including evaluators, need to have permission from the Judges' Chair to go out-of-section for competitions and test days. Please be sure to confirm with the Technical Representative/Test Chair that he or she has done this before you attend.

Officials' Deportment

We would like to take this opportunity at the beginning of the season to remind all Officials of Skate Canada's Officials' Code of Ethics which you have signed, and review some deportment points. Take a few moments to refamiliarize yourself with it.

The success of Skate Canada is largely dependent on the image all Officials present to our skating family, volunteers and service providers. The skating community is a very small circle of friends and family. In the age of social networking, in addition to the physical time we spend together in an arena, we also spend a lot of virtual time together on social networking websites. As officials, we should always use very strong judgment when using social networking websites such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter to publicly express our thoughts as they pertain to situations or outcomes of skating events at which we are acting/have acted as an official. We should always remember that we are representatives of Skate Canada and the Western Ontario Section, and we have an obligation as officials to promote Skate Canada and its programs and the sport of skating in general to the public, both in our actions and our words (verbal and written). As officials, we are to represent Skate Canada in a respectful manner, and to ensure that messages given are consistent with the mission of the Association and in compliance with all Skate Canada rules, policies and procedures.

Our perception to the public is always under scrutiny, and while on-site at competitions and events we should always remember to exercise appropriate discretion when speaking with other competition stakeholders (skaters, parents and coaches) within the skating family. Exercising good judgment in how and when we interact with other competition stakeholders at an event goes a long way in promoting the spirit of fair play and reducing any perceived biases that may be associated with such actions. Additionally, it is important to exercise discretion when using mobile phones during an event and to make sure that we do not take calls or send text messages while we are on the panel officiating.

Our professional image is represented not only by our conduct but also by the way we dress. Officials play an important role in demonstrating the respect we all share toward the competitors and the competition process. Certain guidelines should be used to determine what is appropriate attire to wear during a large invitational event or qualifying competition such as WOS Sectionals. While recognizing that temperatures in the arena aren’t necessarily conducive for high-fashion, a basic level of casual business attire that balances professionalism and comfort should be worn in order to present a professional image to the stakeholders at an event. This does not include the following:

  • torn, ripped or worn/weathered jeans
  • casual sweatshirts or t-shirts with logos
  • clothing that resembles pyjamas or lounge wear (i.e. sweat pants or track suits)
  • very short skirts and dresses
  • very tight hosery or leggings only
  • flip flops, running shoes, rain boots, or large galoshes

~ With thanks to Andrew Bosco, National Judge.



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