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Western Ontario Section News

Brant Skating Club's 65th Annual Edition of Flashing Blades

This year the Brant Skating Club is holding its 65th Annual Edition of Flashing Blades. For this very special milestone we are pleased to welcome 2-time Canadian Champion & Olympic silver medalist, Kaetlyn Osmond as our special guest performer at 2 shows of Oz on Ice, Saturday, March 28th. More info...

Kaetlyn has a special way of inspiring youngsters with her exuberant and authentic personality and we hope that the skaters in our section can get fired up about figure skating by seeing her in person in an intimate setting. We are offering tickets at $12 for adults and $7 for children when purchased as a group of 20 or more, and offering a meet and greet with Kaetlyn as well before the show!


Brooke Alvinston Skating Club Invites You to Join Us in Celebration of 50 Years of Skating

Let us entertain you with our Ice Show, ‘REFLECTIONS’ showcasing 50 years of memories!

  • Saturday, March 7, 2015
  • Shows are 12:00 pm and 7:00 pm
  • Refreshments, Munchies and Social Hour in auditorium
  • 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Celebrating 60 Years of Skating in Ridgetown!

The Ridgetown Skating Club will be holding their annual ice show on February 15, 2015, 2:00-4:00pm. This year marks our 60th year of providing quality skating programs to the youth and adults in our community and surrounding area. For further information you may contact 519-674-0068. We are looking forward to celebrating this milestone!

2014 Ontario Skaters' Promotional Contest Winners

Thanks to all for your participation! The draw was made at the Skate Ontario STARSkate Championships held in Wellington, ON March 15-16, 2014.

Ticket #
1st Prize 2014 Ford Mustang Don Timbers 135607 Lefroy SC (COS)
2nd Prize 55" Plasma TV, DVD & Entertainment Package Brenda Jones 079320 St Catharines SC (WOS)
3rd Prize $3500 Travel Certificate, Executive Travel TBA    
4th Prize 5 prizes of a $2000 Computer System Lise Jalbert 051637 Timmins Porcupine SC (NOS)
    Shannon Scott 174335 Hamilton SC (WOS)
    Woodstock SC 010306 Woodstock SC (WOS)
    June Cummings 140480 Howick SC (COS)
    Chris McLeod 050255 Sturgeon Falls SC (NOS)
5th Prize 5 prizes of an Apple iPad Air, 16 GB with Wi-Fi Irene Rak 114741 Orangeville SC (COS)
    Alex Bosley 071949 Ilderton SC (WOS)
    Jessica Del Franco 316508 Flamboro SC (WOS)
    Lois Fowler 006919 London SC (WOS)
    Ken Pafahl 143577 Tara SC (COS)

Winner of the Ford Mustang

Steve Scherrer presents the 2014 Ford Mustang to Don Timbers

2013-2014 Skate Canada - Western Ontario Awards

The following awards were presented at the 2014 WO AGM. Our congratulations to our skaters and our thanks to our many special volunteers! Enjoy the photos, with special thanks to our sponsor, D'Asti Photography!

Western Ontario Section Hall of Fame Inductions

The inaugural Western Ontario Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony was held at the Skate Canada - Western Ontario Annual General Meeting. We would like to express our most heartfelt gratitude to all the individuals who have contributed to our successes over the years!

WOS MEMBERS ONLY Site on Skate Canada Website

Announcing a new information resource for our members! The Western Ontario Members' site will now make the following information available to our members. [Login here...]

Documentation available online:

  1. Western Ontario Section List of Judges & Evaluators - for Club Test Chairs. Note that this list is updated during the season.
  2. Skate Canada - Western Ontario Club Manual
  3. Skate Canada - Western Ontario Competition Chair Manual
  4. Section Parent Manual
  5. More...

We hope this provides our Skating Clubs with additional resources to meet their information needs.

To visit the new Western Ontario Members' site:

WO Proudly Endorses the True Sport Movement

True Sport is a growing Canadian movement that recognizes and promotes the life skills and values derived from community sport.

Skate Canada - Western Ontario has become a member and proudly supports the True Sport Movement which is endorsed by the Federal-Provincial/Territorial Ministers responsible for sport.
True Sport portal

Skate Canada has adopted this and has encouraged its Sections/Clubs/schools to as well. For more information on True Sport and to become a supporter of the True Sport movement follow the link below.

We're Scrapbooking!!

WO maintains a scrapbook on our skaters, both to allow for potential publicity, and for historical purposes. So that we can ensure that all areas of our section are represented we would like to ask everyone out there to help us by sending along copies of your local newspaper articles on the accomplishments of our athletes. Please send to the Section office and make sure that the newspaper and date is identified. Fax: 519.686.0593, or mail to: Skate Canada - Western Ontario, 237 Consortium Court, London, Ontario, N6E 2S8. Thanks to all for your help!



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