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NEW! Western Ontario Section Hall of Fame Online

As we look forward to the opportunities ahead of us, we need to recognize those who have helped us get to where we are today. We would like to express our most heartfelt gratitude to all the individuals who have contributed to our successes over the years - to all of the past and present skaters, professional coaches, officials, club and region volunteers, the Section Board of Directors, members of the Skate Canada Board of Directors from Western Ontario and our many friends in skating in our communities across the our Section! Welcome to the Western Ontario Section Hall of Fame!

2015 Ontario Skaters' Promotional Contest Winners

Thanks to all for your participation! The draw was made at the Skate Ontario Championships held in Brampton (COS), March 13-15. The draw was held on March 14, 2015.

Ticket #
1st Prize 2015 Ford Mustang Randy Jefferies 102215 Walden SC (NOS)
2nd Prize Entertainment Package Kim Lewis 296241 Prince Edward County SC (EOS)
3rd Prize $3500 Travel Certificate, Executive Travel Kevin Duff 82320 Coppercliff SC (NOS)
4th Prize 5 prizes of a MacBook Air 13” James MacLean 205170 Mount Forest SC (COS)
    Maggie Pihokker 245541 Tillsonburg SC (WOS)
    Marcy Harvey 240718 Point Edward SC (WOS)
    Nancy McKinnon 165603 Jordan SC (WOS)
    Cam Charlton 38453 Belmont SC (WOS)
5th Prize 5 prizes of an Apple iPad Mini 16 GB with Wi-Fi Carol Edgar 12365 Ancaster SC (WOS)
    Terina Koyanagi 261629 Brampton-Chinguacousy SC (COS)
    Jim Marusic 36329 Windsor SC (WOS)
    Crystal Slaney 150819 Ajax SC (COS)
    Quinte Figure Skating Club 308822 Quinte SC (EOS)


Contest Car Winners
Congratulations to Randy & Kathy Jefferies,
Winner of the 2015 Ford Mustang

2013-2014 Skate Canada - Western Ontario Awards

The following awards were presented at the 2014 WO AGM. Our congratulations to our skaters and our thanks to our many special volunteers! Enjoy the photos, with special thanks to our sponsor, D'Asti Photography!

WOS MEMBERS ONLY Site on Skate Canada Website

Announcing a new information resource for our members! The Western Ontario Members' site will now make the following information available to our members. Login here...

Documentation available online:

  1. Western Ontario Section List of Judges & Evaluators - for Club Test Chairs. Note that this list is updated during the season.
  2. Skate Canada - Western Ontario Club Manual
  3. Skate Canada - Western Ontario Competition Chair Manual
  4. Section Parent Manual
  5. More...

We hope this provides our Skating Clubs with additional resources to meet their information needs.

To visit the Western Ontario Members' site:

WO Proudly Endorses the True Sport Movement

True Sport is a growing Canadian movement that recognizes and promotes the life skills and values derived from community sport.

Skate Canada - Western Ontario has become a member and proudly supports the True Sport Movement which is endorsed by the Federal-Provincial/Territorial Ministers responsible for sport.
True Sport portal

Skate Canada has adopted this and has encouraged its Sections/Clubs/schools to as well. For more information on True Sport and to become a supporter of the True Sport movement follow the link below.

We're Scrapbooking!!

WO maintains a scrapbook on our skaters, both to allow for potential publicity, and for historical purposes. So that we can ensure that all areas of our section are represented we would like to ask everyone out there to help us by sending along copies of your local newspaper articles on the accomplishments of our athletes. Please send to the Section office and make sure that the newspaper and date is identified. Fax: 519.686.0593, or mail to: Skate Canada - Western Ontario, 237 Consortium Court, London, Ontario, N6E 2S8. Thanks to all for your help!



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