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Competitive Program
WO Technical Package

WO Competitive Programs - Opportunities For ALL!

WO & Skate Canada competitive structure means competitive opportunities for ALL skaters!

In partnership with Skate Canada, Skate Canada - Western Ontario delivers quality competitive programs for our skaters, geared toward all ages, interests and abilities. It is hoped that knowledge of the programs available for our skaters, summarized below will allow for a greater understanding of the competitive process and the many opportunities available in WO. This information will hopefully enable skaters, coaches, parents and clubs to make the best possible choices, and position our skaters realistically within this structure.

The WO Opportunities Chart is prepared by the WO Competitions/Championships Chair annually, updated as changes occur, and lists the many competitions held in our section, showing which competitive events are held at each competition.

This page also helps show how WO Section programs integrate our athletes within Skate Canada's competitive structure.

Canadian, international, world and Olympic athletes serve as inspiration to our up-and-coming young skaters.

Adult, special needs and varsity events mean that skating can remain an activity and passion at many levels for many years.

Competition announcements are assembled by the Section Championships Chair in consultation with the WO Championships Committee, and are available from our Competitions page.

Competitive Program

Skaters may choose to enter the "Competitive" stream and participate at age- and/or Skate Canada test passed -appropriate levels (Pre-Juvenile, Juvenile, Pre-Novice, Novice, Junior and Senior), in Singles, Pair and Dance disciplines. [More info...]

Skate Canada - Western Ontario Sectional Championships

Sectionals identifies the top skaters in each province/section (Ontario having four sections) for advancement to the next round of qualifying events at the Novice, Junior and Senior levels, ultimately leading to the Canadian Championships. Sectionals is a skater’s first exposure to qualifying "competitive" stream competition.

Sectionals allows the sections to feature and recognize their talented skaters, train officials and volunteers, recognize sponsors, and provides entertaining skating for audiences at the provincial level.

Challenge Team

Skaters representing Western Ontario Section at the Skate Canada Challenge are selected by protocol (placing) at our Sectional Championships at the Novice, Junior and Senior levels.

Junior Nationals Team

Skate Canada Junior Nationals is the national event for the top Novice and Junior skaters from across Canada. These skaters will have qualified to advance at the Challenge event.

Canadians Team

The Canadian Figure Skating Championships is the national event for the top Senior skaters from across Canada.

Western Ontario Section STARSkate Championships

All Western Ontario Section competitors in STARSkate categories may compete at this event, based on Skate Canada STARSkate test passed. Category criteria follow Skate Ontario and National STARSkate event requirements.

Skate Ontario STARSkate Championships

An Ontario championship from Skate Ontario, skaters qualify through their own Section's STARSkate Championships by placing first, second or third in the respective categories.

Ontario Winter Games

Another Ontario championship from Skate Ontario whereby competitors must qualify through their own Sectional Championships. Ontario Winter Games and the Ontario Trillium Competition are alternated each year.

WO Competitive Opportunity Program

This program is directed to skaters competing at the Sectional levels. Selection comes from recommendations of coaches, the Skater Development Committee and results from the summer competitive competitions.

Singles skaters may be selected to represent the section at the 'SASK Skate' Invitation Competition in October. The section covers costs of expenses to this competition. This competition provides a pre-Western Challenge experience and helps contribute to the development of the competitive skaters in our section.

WO Development Team Program

This program is available to any skater in Western Ontario Section working on the Preliminary Freeskate test or has completed all the Preliminary Dances. Age and Skate Canada tests passed are the criteria for entry to the program.

There are 3 levels of categories in the disciplines of: ladies, men, pairs and dance. Skaters must register for the program, then register to compete in 2 of the designated competitions in the fall. Each skater will be assigned points based on his/her performance and placing at the events, and given a written evaluation at each event.

The WOS Development Team is selected to represent WO at a possible out-of-section competition. A training seminar for all registered participants, their coaches and parents is held generally in the spring. [More info...]


Futures Events

Three competitions (Futures East, West & Central) are held annually for our future stars. They include STAR 1-4 singles categories.

Adult Events

Skate Canada Technical Guidelines for adult categories shall apply to any Western Ontario competition specifically designated to offer these categories. The WO STARSkate Championships event provide a showcase for the adult categories. Other invitational events may offer some or all of the adult categories.

Skate Canada holds an annual national adult competition. There are no qualifying requirements to enter this event. [More info...]

Special Needs / Special Olympics Events

Western Ontario Section offers competitive opportunities to our special needs competitors. The Futures East, West and Central, and other competitions will offer these categories. These categories are defined by the Special Olympics technical guidelines. The complete special needs technical package can be obtained from the Skate Canada - Western Ontario Section office. [More info...]

OUA – Ontario University Athletics Competitions

Varsity figure skating is currently offered only by Ontario University Athletics (OUA), in partnership with Skate Canada.

Ten Ontario Conference universities compete annually at invitational competitions and the OUA Figure Skating Championships. Five of these university teams are in Western Ontario.

The OUA announcement package describes the categories and technical requirements for varsity events offered during the season. [More info...]

Western Ontario High School Skating

WO hosts an annual team high school competition that was held for the first time in March 2005. Participation has grown ever since! [More info...]

Updated May 2014



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