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To-Do List For Clubs & New Members of Club Boards of Directors

Updated Oct 2015 [Printer friendly, 2p, PDF]

"Coaches develop skaters - Western Ontario provides opportunities."

Keep your Club on track during the skating season. As a member of your clubís Board of Directors, you assist the Section in providing opportunities by ensuring your club maintains an efficient, progressive and supportive environment for your skaters, coaches and volunteers. We hope you find this useful!

 Region / Club Checklist Due Date When Done
1. Give a copy of the Club's Constitution to each new member of your Board of Directors. Club AGM
2. Complete the WO Club Membership Information Form and send to WO office and Region. Keep one copy for your Club records. Jun 30 or asap
3. Forward the WO Club Manual to the incoming President. Club AGM
4. Refer each Club Board Member to the Skate Canada website: Members only / Technical & Programs / Rules / 2014 Official Rule Book / Table of Contents Policies & Procedures / Complaints & Disputes Resolutions Policies First Board Meeting
5. Register club online - Skate Canada's Annual Club Fee Registration, Executive List, and the Authority to Purchase Form to Skate Canada. Sep 1
6. Register Competitive Skaters with Skate Canada. Please make sure club cheque is sent immediately to Skate Canada to complete the registration for liability insurance. Sep 1
7. Send completed Professional Coaches List to the WO office and Skate Canada. Ensure that coaches have current membership, a valid First Aid Certificate and valid Skate Canada screening documents. Sep 1
8. Renew Directors’ & Officers’ Liability Insurance and Club Liability/Property/Crime Insurance. Prior to
Sep 1
9. All WO Sanctioned Skating Schools must register annually with Skate Canada. A copy goes to the WO office and Registration and insurance fees go to Skate Canada. Sep 1
10. Update all test records for those skaters who have attended off-season skating schools. Sep 1
11. Check your club's first aid kit to ensure adequate supplies. Sep 1
12. Update the Club's Skate Canada Rule Book with amendments as found on Skate Canada's INFO Centre. Sep 1 or as soon as available from SC.
13. Review WO Skater Bursary information. Oct 1
14. Make current season's WO Competition Schedule and WO Competition Guideline and Information Package available to your Club's Skaters and Coaches. Oct 1
15. Send in Synchronized Skating team(s) list to WO office & Skate Canada. Please specify the team(s) category/categories. Nov 1 or ASAP  
16. WO Skating Bursary Applications are due to the WO office. Check the application 
form for exact deadline date.
Nov & Feb
17. Check your Membership Registration numbers to ensure skaters are registered and thus have Skate Canada Liability Insurance. Ongoing
18. Send Carnival Sanctions to the WO office 30 days in advance of your Club's carnival. A list of guest skaters and any professional skaters must be provided 30 days in advance. Jan
19. Check your Club's first aid kit to ensure adequate supplies. Jan 1
20. Submit nominations for the Skate Canada Achievement Awards to WO office. See application
21. Return all Promotional Contest ticket stubs and money to WO office. Feb 15  
22. WO Skating Bursary Applications are due to the WO office. See applications for deadline date. Feb
23. Submit nominations for 25 or 50 year Volunteer Pins & Coaches' Pins to WO office. See application for deadline date
24. Request Coaches' "Letter of Intent" re. planning of next season's Club Skating programs. Mar 1
25. Negotiate Club Coaches' Contracts. Freelance and Club Coaches’ contracts to be signed prior to new season. Apr 1
26. Check Club first aid kit to ensure adequate supplies. Apr 1
27. Assign Delegate and Proxy Forms for both WO and Skate Canada AGMs. Prior to AGMs
28. Order your Promotional Contest Books for distribution to your membership at registration. These are an excellent source of revenue for your Club and skaters! [Read more] June 1
29. Gold Tests Passed - Honour your skaters' achievements! Complete and send Gold Test Certificate Forms to WO office so that your gold test skaters can be recognized by the Section and listed on our website. Ongoing
30. Review and distribute mailings from the WO office and Skate Canada to all members of your Club Board. Direct items that apply to specific individuals and follow-up on items requested. Monthly
31. Visit our website! ( Consider this to be your primary resource for your section information! Frequently

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Phone: 519-686-0431
Fax: 519-686-0593

Please direct any questions or concerns you may have regarding this list to the Section office (519-686-0431, ext. 21).



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