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Here's a list of special friends including a number of our sponsors who can can assist you in various ways to generate much-needed funds to help your Club defray ice costs or assist with special projects.

Perhaps this page might be of even MORE help to our Clubs if you let us know how your Club has been successful in fundraising. We'll share your stories here!

Ontario Skaters' Promotional Contest

The Promotional Contest is coordinated by Skaters Marketing of the Western Ontario Section, Northern Ontario Section and Eastern Ontario Section. Assistance to clubs is provided through information found here, through the Skaters' Promotional Contest booklet mailed to your club and/or by contacting the Promotional Contest Chairperson in your Section. [More info...]

Here's how your Club benefits directly:

All tickets sold in one book generates a total revenue of 
$40 per book
You return to the Section for use in Bursaries, Regions etc.  
$18 per book
Your Club earns  
$22 per book

Lamontagne Chocolate

The fastest growing company in fund-raising... Many things have changed since the one-product company of 1980! Today Lamontagne Chocolate is the largest fund-raising company in Canada. The chocolate product line has increased from one to 14 regular products, plus a complete line of ORDER TAKER BROCHURES incorporating over 100 items, as well as a new UNFROZEN COOKIE DOUGH. We are the only fundraising company to be recognized by the AAIA, Canada’s preeminent authority on peanut allergies.

Lamontagne Chocolate is proud to be a corporate sponsor of WOS skating. We can be reached at 1-800-567-3435 or


Our naturally smoked, individually wrapped, Pepperoni Stix are nutritious, high value meat snacks that have been developed exclusively for fundraising. School lunch approved! NO nuts, gluten, egg, dairy, MSG or Trans Fats. No refrigeration required. Halenda’s is an Award Winning Ontario family owned meat company. Your Club earns over $250 per case profit.

Call Bill at 905 576 6328 x 292. Email: or visit our website



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