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Section Structure
Achievement Awards

Western Ontario Section History

The Western Ontario Hall of Fame Committee has assumed the role of Archivists for the Section.

The updating of our History is an ongoing process. We are most appreciative for our history compilation by each of our former WO Historians, and specifically Earla Hardie, for her many hours of meticulous archiving for the WO 50th Anniversary celebrations.

What Can YOU or Your Club Do to Help?

  • Continue to provide WO with any information on your Club's former Sectional, Canadian and World Champions. Let’s fill in the blanks.
  • Continue to search for any Club Carnival Programs, Sectional Programs and Protocols with information on our Section. Please send any unwanted items or copies of these to the office marked “WO Archives”.
  • Continue to provide any information on your Synchro Teams of the past - team name, team members, photos including years.
  • Continue to provide names of people from your Club who have acted as
  • WO Officials (Judges, Data Specialists and Music Technicians).
  • Continue to compile YOUR Club’s history and please forward a copy to the WO Archives.

Past Western Ontario Sectional Champions

Earla Hardie, a former WO Section Historian has compiled our WO Sectional results (in PDF format). Please contact the Section office if you have any information for the missing years.

Notes re Our First Western Ontario Sectional Championships!
They were held in Stamford, Ontario in 1957. The host club was the Stamford Skating Club and the Chair of the Championships was Mrs. H. A. Lamb, the Stamford Club President. The Chief Referee was Miss Isabelle Henderson. These first Championships were called the Western Ontario and Niagara Peninsula Sectional Championships. Mr. Douglas L. Kimpel was Chair of the newly formed Section and was responsible for establishing Skate Canada (CFSA) Sections at that time.

Editor's note: I'm sure you'll get a kick out of seeing many familiar names!

NEW! Western Ontario Section Hall of Fame Online

As we look forward to the opportunities ahead of us, we need to recognize those who have helped us get to where we are today. We would like to express our most heartfelt gratitude to all the individuals who have contributed to our successes over the years - to all of the past and present skaters, professional coaches, officials, club and region volunteers, the Section Board of Directors, members of the Skate Canada Board of Directors from Western Ontario and our many friends in skating in our communities across the our Section! Welcome to the Western Ontario Section Hall of Fame!



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