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Please feel free to submit questions that might benefit our members.

WOS Communication FAQs

It is our intent to provide WOS Clubs and Members with as much news and information on events, clubs, skaters and programs as possible, both through our regular mailings and our website.

What can we expect to receive by mail?

Look for regular club mailings which will continue to include a variety of items.

When are our club mailings sent?

Look for the information approximately 2-3 weeks after each Board Meeting. This is so we can inform you based on news items discussed.

Who may contribute to the website, or to Section mailings?

We'd love to hear from YOU! our Clubs and skaters. Please send us your news, special events, successes, coaching positions, etc. Call or e-mail the Office regarding mailings and website postings: We'd love to hear from you.

What is the normal deadline for submitting news to our website, OR to be included with our mailings?

If you wish to submit items to be included with the Section mailing, send all items to the WOS Office approximately 1 week after each board meeting. Call the Section office at any time with questions or requests. News for the website can be emailed at any time.

Who receives the WOS mailings?

  • every Club
  • each Regional Chairperson and Secretary
  • Board Members
  • Coaching Committee Members

We try to reach everyone, but realize that we must depend on YOU to circulate the material as broadly and effectively as possible.

Our website vs. mailings...

  • Our website is the most timely, effective way of communicating the most complete information to our members.
  • All suitable news items are posted directly on the Web, soon after they're received.
  • Links take you to popular items fast. Use the Site Index to locate topics not clearly labeled on our Home Page.
  • There are inherent timing factors in getting the regular mailings to you. The website is updated continually; the mailings are forced to adhere to a schedule dependent on our meetings, snail mail, and then your club's ability to circulate the information.

We're doing our very best to inform, as we feel that we can all function more effectively and be more committed having knowledge and a full awareness of our sport and our Section.



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